Click to enlargeInsect Inn TM Ultra One

Cartridge holds 10 times the capacity of bug glue boards. Environmentally safe, USDA & FDA, designs with no scattering around the room of “zapped” fly parts or sprayed chemicals. Patented auto advancing cartridge that is replaced the cartridge after 60 days. Specially engineered reflective top shell that directs UV light out and down, to increase overall effectiveness. Audible alert when cartridge needs replacing. Ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflector that increases the outward reflective power of UV lamp which draws flies from a greater distance. Unit can be used on any color wall for maximum effectiveness. Very attractive cover that can be easily painted to fit any decor


Click to enlargeInsect Inn (TM) Ultra OneNEW DESIGN! Complete Insect Inn Ultra One with end of cartridge alarm. Includes 1 cartridge and 1 UV lamp. (operates on 115/120 60 Hz)

Click to enlargeReplacement Cartridges - 4 packInsect Inn Ultra Two/Ultra One/IV Replacement Cartridges, 4 pack

Click to enlargeReplacement Cartidges - 12 packInsect Inn Ultra Two/Ultra One/ IV Replacement Cartridges, 1 case (case = 12 cartridges)

Click to enlargeOne Ultraviolet LampSingle Ultraviolet Lamp for Insect Inn Ultra One/Ultra Two (16" straight lamp) Use one (1) for Ulta One and two (2) for Ultra two units.

Insect Inn IV Replacement LampInsect Inn IV Replacement Lamp


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