Frequently Asked Questions About Zaca Medicine Cabinets

Here are some tidbits about Medicine Cabinets which may be helpful, and some answers to questions that you may have about our Cabinets.

1. What are your Medicine Cabinets made out of and how sturdy is the material?

They are made from a high impact polystyrene which is a high quality polymer. It is strong, durable and long lasting. Shelves will not break.

Our Cabinets are a better alternative to the old metal medicine cabinets that rust and don't allow for customization or efficient utilization of space. Metal cabinets have rounded corners that don't allow you to hold as much within the cabinet.

2. Why do your Cabinets hold more than ordinary Medicine Cabinets?

Because of the way they are designed. They have won numerous design awards and are referred to as "the better mousetrap".

The Cabinet itself is made from a high quality polystyrene that cleans well, never rusts, and allows for customization of space within the Cabinet itself. This means that you can move the shelves around and adjust them at will. The Cabinet shelves are divided for ease of sharing.

The molded components allow for 90 degree angles within the Cabinet, eliminating the rounded corners found in most Cabinets. This allows for the placement of items against the Cabinet walls, increasing space utilization.

3. Do the edges of your Cabinet mirrors lose their silver as with most mirrors?

The edges of our mirrors have a sealed and polished edge. While no mirror placed in a humid environment can claim to be free from this type of spoilage, our Cabinets will resist it due to their sealed edges.

4. Who created Zaca Medicine Cabinets?

A gentleman whose family manufactured the metal variety. He heard all the usual complaints from consumers, and while most ignored these complaints, he set about answering every one of them. The wonderful results are seen here!

5. Are your Medicine Cabinets recessed or surface mounted?

Both. We just came out with our NEW surface mounted Cabinet. Please contact us if you are interested.

The recessed mounted Cabinet fits between the typical 16" on center wall stud spacing. They install with four screws that come with the cabinets. The mounting holes are in each of the four corners, on the sides.

6. Are your Cabinets hinged for right hand opening or left hand opening?

Our Cabinets are reversible and can be mounted for either right hand or left hand opening. The only exception to this is the Arcturus model. If you order this model, please request which side you would like it hinged on. There is no extra charge for this.

7. Are your Medicine Cabinets under a warranty?

Yes, they are manufacturered with the highest quality standards. They come with a one year manufacturer's warranty limited to defects in material and workmanship.

8. How do I clean them?

Never use ammonia to clean any mirror. Use soap and water for the mirror and the interior of the cabinet. Also, the shelves can be put inside the top rack of the dish washer for cleaning.

9. What size wall opening is needed and what size is the overall mirror?

We carry two sizes: a 26" Cabinet that requires a wall opening of 14"W x 24"H x 3"D, and a 36" Cabinet that requires a wall opening of 14"W x 34"H x 3 1/2"D.

However, the mirror sizes vary, so please check the individual model which will tell you the overall mirror dimension, or write to us.

10. What are some other features that make your Cabinets a cut above the rest?

In addition to the unique design features mentioned above, the beautiful detailing on our high quality glass and our patented shelving system we also like to brag about the following!

If you've ever been frustrated by your medicine cabinet door not closing and staying closed, you will appreciate our patented pivot or gravity hinge. When you open the door of the cabinet, the hinge pivots up and when you close the door, it pivots down. What this means is your door will stay closed when it is supposed to stay closed, and stay open when it is supposed to stay open. Additionally, the hinges are whisper quiet.

Special attention has also been given to the latches which are special friction latches. Most medicine cabinets use magnets to hold their doors closed, and since magnets are expensive, manufacturer's generally use small magnets which don't work well at keeping the door closed. Our latches do the job perfectly. With a Zaca SpaceCab, you will never have to worry again about your medicine cabinet doors not staying closed.

We think you will appreciate the thought that went into the design and manufacturing of Zaca SpaceCab Cabinets.

11. Where are your Cabinets made?

Our Medicine Cabinets are Made in the USA. The design of the Cabinet takes into account the manufacturing process which is friendly to the environment. Additionally, the materials that become the components in our Cabinets are identified for accurate recycling. This means that the entire Cabinet is recyclable.

12. Can I purchase additional shelves?

Yes, just order directly on-line, or email us.

13. I broke my mirror. Is it possible to get a new mirror without having to purchase a new cabinet? Also, I am not very handy, will I be able to replace the door myself?

Yes, you can purchase a replacement door with mirror. Let us know which mirror you would like. Replacement doors are special order items, so please contact us by phone or email at They generally ship in 1 to 2 business days.

It is very easy to replace the broken mirror door. They were designed for ease of replacement.

You will have to unscrew the cabinet from the wall (there are 4 screws in the side corners) and lay it down on a flat table. Mirror side down. (Make sure you put a cloth down to prevent the new mirror from scratching.)

Unsnap the container hinge and remove the two hinge pins from the old door and SAVE all of the components. Lift off the cabinet from the old door.

Lay the new door down, place the cabinet on top of it, line up the mirror to the cabinet, and snap in place.

You will not be able to do this incorrectly since it won't allow you to do it if it is incorrect.

If all fails, you can call us at any time and we will walk you through it.

14. Do you carry all the models, and how quickly can you ship them?

Yes, we carry every one of the models. They generally ship in 1 to 2 business days.

15. I live at the beach. Will the Brass or Chrome frames rust or corrode?

The good news about Zaca Cabinets is that unlike most medicine cabinets, our cabinet interiors do not rust. They were specifically designed this way since bathrooms are very humid environments.

For this reason, brass was not used in the design of the Cabinet. Normally brass is plated over steel and it eventually turns green and doesn't protect the steel which rusts.

Zaca Cabinets have a special finish over aluminum with a clear coating over the finish so that it is unlikely to rust. Yet it looks identical to polished brass.

The same holds true with our chrome framed Cabinet. It is actually not polished chrome, even though it looks identical to it. It is stainless steel, and stainless steel is less likely to rust.

16. I realize that your Cabinets are recessed mounted, however, once they are installed how far do they protrude from the wall?

Our Cabinets without frames protrude approximately 1" from the wall. Our Cabinets with frames, such as the Capella, protrude between 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".

Other tips regarding Medicine Cabinets.

Where's the best place in the house to keep medicines and other health products? Here's what doctors, nurses and pharmacists at FDA recommended:

Contrary to age-old tradition, a bathroom medicine cabinet is not a good place to keep OTC (over-the-counter or nonprescription) or prescription medications. Showers and baths create heat and humidity that can cause some drugs to deteriorate rapidly. A cool, dark and dry place such as the top of a linen closet, preferably in a locked container and out of a child's reach, is best for storing medicines.

A Bit of Trivia

Did you know that the first "medicine cabinets" were simply alcoves with shelves that contractors built into walls? Mirrored doors were added later creating the first mirrored medicine cabinet. These early "built-in" cabinets had no standard size which is why so many older homes have unusually sized cabinets.


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