Click to enlargeFly Patrol Decorative Home Fly Control

Complete decorative home fly control system. Research-proven, portable and sanitary flying insect-attracting UV light device which looks like itís a decorative wall lamp. Each unit is equipped with an exclusive auto advancing 30 day replacement cartridge trapping system. Reflective top shell is specially engineered with a front UV light baffle. Highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface trapping system is environmentally friendly Unique cartridge placement - directly under bulb ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflector Easy to maintain, easy to clean Can also be used for light commercial use. Unit includes an audible alert when cartridge needs replacing.

The Fly Patrol uses ultraviolet light, special fly attractants and a patented 30 day auto advance replaceable cartridge.


Click to enlargeFly Patrol Bug LightComplete Paraclipse Fly Patrol with end of cartridge alarm. Includes 1 cartridge and 1 lamp (operates on 110/120 60 HZ)

Click to enlargeFly Patrol replacement cartridges, 2-pack Fly Patrol replacement cartridges, 2-pack (2pack=2cartridges)

Click to enlargeReplacement Cartridges - 12 packReplacement Cartridges for Fly Patrol - (caseof of 12 = 2 packages of 6 each)

Fly Patrol Ultraviolet Replacement Lamp Fly Patrol Ultraviolet Replacement Lamp


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